- Danniel Odell


Danniel Odell Dj Producer from the city of Medellin, the first tube knowledge of contemporary music at the age of 14 years where it begins to intereza to start a new search of sounds that were going to take to be one of the artists with good recognition in the local scene. Danniel Odell covers a wide range of tones: Funky Techno, minimal or House and touches to enjoy wearing sunglasses, always full of energy as if it were a car assembly plant in Detroit. His newest project is called Steam Circuit, techno and tech proposals house, to enter new sounds to this scene that is more powerful every day! This time gives us a melodic jazzy and Latin house cutting fine, that we could easily locate in the old days of In early 2000 a-lo-ian-pooley or a-lo-jhonny-fiasco.