- Danilo Mucci


Danilo Mucci is born in Benevento Italy,from an early age is always been attracted from the electronic music and djing. He started to play music at some friends party,some local event.He discoverd the techno music at 16 years old mixing several different styles of techno until to find his musical identity with the:Industrial,dark techno,banging techno. At the 2013 has begin to play as guest in many event and program for radio show.At the May 2014 he start his show on In Progress Radio,called Dark Illusions Podcast,whit the help of his great friend and great dj Chris Digital.After some experience as resident it was also the qwner of a show on FNOOB called "Highter State Of Consciusness". Now he have leave the radio show as resident for make music from his own..Thank you for your support !!!