- Daniel.FX


Raised in Antwerp and musically inf lue nc e d bythe first Belgian electronic club sounds since1 993 d a nie l. f x was an early kid on the decks and soon in high demand for gigs at privat e parties and small clubs in the region. After moving to Berlin in 2000 he got his first regular club engagements at Pfefferberg and various lounges/bars. Bookings in the capitals larger clubs soon followed when he initiated the musical platform and party series ‘Berliner Stadtmusikanten’ together with the DJs Daniel Dreier, Boris and Ahmet Coskun in 2003. These well established parties at Annabar and Casino Club Berlin drew quite some attention and became an int egral part of the Berlin electronic music scene as well as a concept to promote int e rnat io nal exchanges of similar constellation t hro ug ho ut Europe. Various int e rnat io nal ‘Berliner Stadtmusikanten’ gigs took place in Graz (houseverbot), Antwerp (Lowlands, USA Import),... and vice versa guest DJ teams were invit e d to Berlin. After joining the ‘Clique Booking’ team in 2005, where he still is at the moment and releasing his first own tracksin 2007 on ‘Trenton Records’ the doors were open for a more int e rnat io nal career and many booking requests from well know clubs around the globe proved the demand for his unique style comprising of a strong Berlin minimal background spiced with techhousy and spheric spatial elements which are also typical for the releases that followed in the last 2 years. Since more then a year now heis enjoying Antwerp as is hometown again!