- Daniel Diego


Musical talent Nathan Daniel Blanchard (alias Daniel Diego) started producing different kinds of music at the age of 17. Daniel Diego DJ’d at the same line-up with DJ’s like Gregor Salto, Jean, Marc Benjamin, Dennis van der Geest, Jose, Jurgen and many more. On the 28th of November 2013, Daniel became 5th out of the 62 DJ's with the Neonsplash DJ contest. During his life, he discovered his great love for progressive and electro house. By the passion for playing the guitar, he had a solid basis in combination with the piano. Daniel produced several tracks and remixes, which have been played by names like Benny Rodrigues and Robert Abigail from the world famous Bacardi Mojito Song. Daniel produced 'Moondancers' together with Prunk. Groovenatics (nowadays known as MOTi) made a remix of 'Moondancers'. The remix was released on the famous Dutch label ‘Sneakerz’ at the Sneakerz CD and entered the Dutch Compilation Charts at Nr. 6. With artists like Sidney Samson, Gregor Salto and Funkerman on the CD, Daniel made promising steps into the scene. With new upcoming releases, the future looks bright!