- Daniel B


Daniel B known from the duo Daniel B & Seven. Daniel was as quite young when he came in contact with the music world.At the age of 6 he fell in love with electronic music. When he got the album "Homework" by Daft Punk on christmas eve in 1996. If not for that album, he wouldn't have started producing music today. This soon followed with Daniels impressive cd collection.At the end of the 90's he began playing in a variety of bands, playing the bass guitar, the drums and also sang from time to time. In 2004 his latest band disbanded and he moved on to buy his first midi klaviature, an instrument used in producing elecrtonic music along with Reason 2.5. From 2004 to the end of 2006 he was heavely producing music until he began exploring other things. It wasn't until 2009 he began producing again. And now three years later, the future is looking good for Daniel and his music.A hat tip to his sister for introducing him to Dance Music.