- Damien Zala


Damien Zala head of Rowtag records was borned in 1988 in Cavaillon, France. In 2010, after a Sound EngineeringDegree at Paris SAE Institute, he decides to move back to his native South East in order to focus on DJing and production.Damien’s prolific work is quickly singled out: he is invit ed t o DJ at numerous clubs and part ies (Batofar, Djoon, OPA... ; Techno Parade...), and signs tracks to various labels that are played by international artists.As a rigorous t echnician, Damien combines analog synths and drum-machines to digital samples from old records so as to plunge his audience into sophisticated Ambiant and House atmospheres; he tends to engender an aesthetic coherence between mechanically-repeat edhardware-generated raw sounds and random natural atmospheric or acoustic elements.While DJing, Damien makes good use of his vinyl collection to tell different stories, subtly navigating through various House and Techno styles.