- Damage Inc


Damage Inc is a South African Drum 'n Bass collective dedicated to unleashing sweet, groove-laden hellfire upon dancefloors great and small, throughout South Africa and the world.The crew consists of Cape Town-based DJ/producers Willem Els ("Pziezzo Electric") and Allan Slow ("Multicrisis"), who produce original Drum 'n Bass, Neuro, Tech and Crossbreed material in-studio, and mix blazing live sets at dancefloors across the land. Live, they are often joined by their JHB-based emcee, Gord Laws ("Heavy G"), who adds freestyle rhymes and a "live band" element to Damage Inc performances.The ability to combine members, genres and formats, and to represent across the county mean Damage Inc are equally at home in studio, behind DJ booths and on stages of any size, anywhere, anytime.We're Damage Inc. Owners and founders of Devastation Records. We have come to disturb the peace. Brace yourselves.