- D-Struct


D-Struct AKA John Aronson, is well known for the other-worldly vibe and funky depth of his tunes. A connoisseur of clean, yet dirty production. Writing his own tunes has kept D-Struct inspired since the early 2000s. Robot Death Squad recruited him in 2004 and shortly after, he co-founded Salvage Recordings with short-wave. The label pushed the first RDS vinyl release and supported a range of digital offerings to the Drum & Bass community in the years to follow. In that year D-Struct honed his dj skills and was soon playing various clubs and venues with the crew in DC. In 2006 D-Struct, BTK and others founded a new crew called Identity. This led to a consistent string of releases, reinforcing his role in the studio as a detailed, quality producer who chases a unique, techno funk sound. His music has been heard in clubs around the world, and been featured in a number of video game titles. As far as the scene goes, D-Struct has been involved with major releases on Pseudoscience Recordings, Barcode, Nerve, Moving Shadow, AGN7 Audio, Onset Audio, Ohm Resistance, and many more. Watch this space for new music ready to be unleashed!