- D.A.Z.E. (Ireland)


Born in dublin ireland and have been dj-ing and producing music overTwenty five years , got into the synth sound of the mid eighties andnaturally followed into the rave and dance era that followed , studied keyboards at yamaha school of music and this also gave me intro to the sampling and tech side of recording. The nineties brought bands like KLF and the prodidgy and my interest became more focused on creating rather that just listening .thru the years i have worked all across the country dj-ing and have had residency in many dublin clubs ,i enjoy all genres of dance and try to produce fresh tracks but without straying away from the basic ingredient of a catchy beat and baseline If i can make people feel good and get them dancing with my music then job done.After many years of looking for a label ,i finally met the great lary saladin at phunk junk records chicago and we are releasing some great tracks and remixes and so the story continues ... feel the beat .