- Cristian Clara


was born on March 10, 1985 his passion for music began in 2001 1998 nel his father gives him the first couple of turntable technics1210nel 2002 starts doing the dj for a radio program called free space and every Saturday a ranking of hit dance began his career as a dj in various clubs and various themed evenings on the stages of Sicily in new year Carnival celebrations and various temanell evenings ' summer of 2003 was chosen as a dj for a bathhouse for every Saturday evening, continues his career as a dj throughout the Sicilian territory and even in some places in calabria, abruzzo and pugliaa a great passion for the vinyl he owns almost all the music on vinyl .in 20013 began his career as a producer began to create various remixes for some contest and even some tracks electro dance genre of music (EDM)