- Crazynote


Ciro Improta a.k.a CrazyNote is a 20 year old Dj / Producer from Naples, Italy. Class 97 the young boy starts all with a small group of Neapolitan evenings, the NPL or better said the Night Life Project, where here at the beginning was still a PR.The boy fascinated by the world of evenings and DJs of that time running as DAVID GUETTA and others decided to take the path of DJ.The boy showed himself not very skilled at the beginning and in fact he decided to study and learn all by himself. After several years of study the boy manages to perform with the group PARTY ZONE another organizational group of Neapolitan evenings, where it immediately gains visibility. The group is dissolved and Ciro is forced to look for a new group. After so much research, he finds the group WAW ZONE group that immediately gives him confidence and allows him to play of the biggest musical complexes of Naples we are talking about the PALAPARTENOPE where there were over 5000 people. The DJ satisfied by his little carter decides to start producing (already an export of the production) his first song liked immediately and managed to get a contract with SINFONY LIFE RECORDS.After the first publication with over 200,000 thousand listen on his profile Soundcloud, Ciro decides to publish SUMMER SOLSTICE at a distance of only 4 months and here he still gets a contract but with the NINI RECORDS.For the boy is an uphill road but he still finds himself to change the group and it is time goes with the TRUST ME where even the latter decides to leave.Attong the DJ / PRODUCER plays in Neapolitan establishments with small organizations. His productions now exceed 500,000 thousand plays. After collaborating with NINI RECORDS and SINFONY LIFE RECORDS, CRAZYNOTE, he becomes a trusted artist of URBAN LIFE RECORDS under the Dancera label where the young boy is part of the new BANANS & CO compiletion and the TALENTS VOL 1.