- Crank der Dirigent


Hey my name is Jakob aka Crank Der Dirigent.I am a Producer/DJ/Rapper and I love too produce and mix electronic Music from House to Techno to Hip Hop. I startet to rap 16 years ago and startet to produce Music 6 years ago.I startet to produce with Cubase and Presonus Studio and since 4 years I work with Ableton Machine 2 and some Analoge qand Digital Synthesizers. A Roland Groovebox MC 307 A Roland Aira TB-3 Touch Bassline Machine Studio and a Korg Volca Kick and A Radium 49 Midi KeyboardMy Father is a great musician too. He is a jazz musician and playes bass and Contrabass.He took me to his jazz concerts when I was a baby and I am grateful for that! And for the Talent he gave me. Enough words!