- Cr3S


Italian's Cesare Cavalli known as "CR3S" is theheadliner of his own record label "Criminal R3cords".Born in 1983 had soon the first touch with the music,at 9 years old was mixing in the father's record storenear Naples and at the age of 11 had the first nationalaward being placed to the third place of the Italian"DMC" Championship for the "Katting" secttion". As ateenager Cesare lived in firsthand the best years ofthe Old-School and Italo-Disco taking inspiration fromthe combination of Techno music imprint fromCocoricò's Cirillo and Dj Ricci, from his father's infinitecollection of vinyl record and from an Obsession forcomputers, video games and the world of hacking.With over fifteen years of experience as Dj, producerremixer and live-performer "Cr3s" is the owner of hisrecord label that mainly give more to unknown talentswith the greatest communicative skills. His approachto clubbing is the mirror of the proposed sounds onCriminal R3cords that is renewed release after releaseand the constant research for the leading-edgesounds combined with a passion for the new djtechnologies Outline its performances. Technique,Energy and Enthusiasm are the main feature of his Dj-Set! soundcloud.com/cr3s - info@cr3s.com