- covert23


Back in 89, i first went to angels in burnley to see markus k and the hypnotist. it blew my mind and was everything i was looking for,the club was a classic sweat pit. i went week in week out with the likes of carl cox. k klass, altern 8 and many others graced the stage.the lasers and lights and potions altered my perception of life and how the human race could live......covert23 at the Hacienda ManchesterWeeks flew bye and my love for the scene grew, me and a few core friends used to travel miles for the free partys, blackburn raves, wigan peer, sequins blackpool, the orbit in leeds, life in manchester, the hacienda to name a few...we all used to end up at mine after the club,i would empty the house and garage and have free partys hundreds came and went with no fuss ,no mess and always a friendly smile on everyones face....i started spirutual groove promotions with a mate called murt... he now runs monster trucks all over the uk and europe and i make musik....back in 90 we hired a club called the white rose and did a few club events, with free partys afterwards at mine...we also did gigs at the bluenote in todmorden .in 93 me and ben flew to the states with records in our bag...We got gigs at tracks in tampa,voodoo in key west and simons innermind in gainsville, in 95 i managed to get an old basement in todmorden and with the little cash i had,converted four rooms into a little club called mad space,the party started on friday and ended usualy mid week,we spent days in there,people from all over the world used to end up there and every body had big smiles when they left. it was there i met rob and sue from desert storm.we got talkin and talkin led to partys called fijit techno....We did gigs all over the north of england in quaries on the moors at mad space and the blue note, in 97 i went to Portugal to play at starfish, a party put on by Jayne and Steve and family it was wicked,i managed to get a residency at a local club for a few months so i stayed for the summer....then came back and continued with space and our mad partys...In 99 i took my records to spain,to papingyon.to the end of the world free tecnival with ati and woodi n ian, i played with kieth from desert storm,the gig was massive there were rigs from all over europe,it was just crazy,six days on a hill bythe beach..the same year i played the very last gig at the hacienda, it had been squated by the okasional cafe collective,i got there at midnight with my record bag and got on the decks at 1 oclock and played my last record at 8 am a seven hour set not bad for a novice...The club was rammed at least a thousand people there, far buisier than any club night,it was absolutley mental people were swingin from the rafters going crazy to my musik... what a gig.... my best yet......In 2000 i did a millenium party on a farm in norfolk, a monsterous 30 hour set, i was rooted to the spot at the end...that year i played at exodus in luton, glastonbury and also check teck. 9 days in a field. i spun the wheels on a 50k rig to thousands of people. what an experiance... from there we ended up in holland with spiral tribe,desert storm,hectic and many other rigs...The past few years have been spent playing at local free partys and in the studio learning new things and trying new techniques trying to get my own sound together...so if you ever need a dj or producer leave a message, will travel anywere in the world.p Peace and love Michael......