- Cosovo


Cosovo a.k.a Youssef Hachicha is an underground and talented Techno & Tech-House DJ/producing artist from Tunisia who can puzzle together intangible moods with a direct approach via his DJ sets and music productions, his creativity and innate understanding of people: what they sense, what they feel, what they want to imagine, is a part of what distinguishes him from other DJs and music producers as he has a passion for acquiring inspiration from the sounds surrounding his life, therefore, his music caters for both body and soul. Cosovo has already managed to sign many tracks with multiple different labels such as Neologism, PitchBend Recordings and Spliced Vinyl Recordings. Not to mention that with his sights set well into the future, he is focused on the continual growth and development of his productions, far from the musical stereotypes and chasing new trends with a fascination to craft brilliance with a new noise. The best is yet to come. He has come to stay. This is not just another name.