- Constantinides


Constantinides :Since 1998, when he cleaned the dust off an old Casio HT700 keyboard,Andy has been working on house music. The positive reaction to his music landed him in the electro-funk group Atrip (www.atrip.com.ar) in 2000. He worked on programming and keyboards with Emanuel Romero.At the same time he continued to develop his own projects. Since 2004 Andy has performed several live shows across South America, in Buenos Aires, Mar del plata, Sao Paulo, Lima and Bogota. He is currently working with the Zweiklang (Germany), Music Taste Records (Colombia), Plusquam Rec (Germany), Manuscrip (Ukraine) on the creation of extreme sounds. And now, while limiting himself to his home studio,Andy is working on new projects for 2013, derived from house and funk roots, while participating in several rock and pop projects around the world.