- Constantine P


Constantine was born in Greece, on 8 November 1986, and grew up in Athens.He started to produce music when he was 12 using a simple keyboard/synth.He was inspired by Trance DJ and record producer Paul Oakenfold, Slyder, producer and father of electronic music Jean Michel Jarre. He graduated from architecture school in 2003 and in 2004 studied Civil Engineer.Self-taught in music, he had to put his civil engineer degree on hold to work more in music production and worked as a producer in many bands. From early age, he had contacts with many Greek artists who recognize his sounds as “unique”. He worked as a music engineer/sampler in bands like “Tilbury on Cloves”, “Dub Sectors”, “Celebrity Sold” and many local bands.His favorite genre is Electronica/Trance. He was acknowledged in web by musicwave.gr and the magazine Soundmaker (interview), in which they released a demo named “Ulimited”. There were many posts for his tracks and was first in musicwave’s top 10 for a long time. He took place in lots of music contests, winning a respectful place in music scene for his continuous work those years.He collaborated with Mahi Lamar (Best FM) and worked in web radio stations like Elixir Radio. He made lots of remixes of popular songs, one of them was The Catalyst by Linkin Park. Some of his tracks were released by Destination Sunshine (Chris Stavropoulos), Greek Trance Community. He worked as a DJ and organized trance events in Greece.