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Boris Bunnik is a versatile and creative soul from the island of Terschelling, Holland.He uses music making as a way of exploring his place in the world, of explaining his feelings and of processing life. It is for that reason that he has so many aliases and releases so much music (to the point where it has been said that he must be an insomniac given how much he puts out.) One of the most prolific artists in the scene over the last seven years plus, he has become an essential voice in the often crowded conversation: he is someone who always speaks clearly and captivatingly and has done so via seven full length albums and more than 20 EPs on labels like Delsin - where he has been a core artist for years - Clone, Rush Hour and his own label Transcendent.Never one to kowtow to trends, Boris goes his own way. Although it is fair to say he is influenced by techno and electro from Detroit and the UK, he also looks forward and aims to contextualise the present day. In laying down new foundations of sound with his many diverse and dexterous techniques, he makes music that is about more than just the dance floor function: instead he uses mood as his creative spark. “I have a low attention span,” says the Dutch island boy. “Some people could see it as a problem, but for me it is a damn fine positive thing that allows me to explore many creative possibilities; it helps me to stay sharp and go out of my comfort zone.” Though he is always pushing hispersonal boundaries with each project, then, consistency and quality shine trough his expert and authentic bit of sound design.