- Commonground


CommonGround is the name of Grant Reynolds’s electronic Performance and Production project that has been making it’s mark in Brisbane, Australia. Focusing on Trance, Techno, Progressive and Psy-Trance as his core genres.Currently there are many releases in the works covering all the genres that the CommonGround name has become known for. The CommonGround sound can be best described as beautiful and sometimes hypnotic melodies over driving baselines, regardless of the genre.CommonGround’s ethos is that the key to a good set is the journey, no matter the genre. The songs in the set must compliment each other and tell a story, even if there different genres. CommonGround takes a very technical and thought-out approach to his sets while always being mindful of the dance floor. Extended length set’s have increasingly become a CommonGround speciality, especially at outdoor festivals.Supporting the local scene is very important to CommonGround because without a local scene there is nobody to share music with, this is why he is involved in a Brisbane based Trance events company called “Nubreed Events" as a Co-Founder, Promoter and Resident DJ. He also run’s a local trance forum and supports local artists via this platform.Some of the artists he has directly supported are Byran Kearney, Vini Vici, Ben Nicky, Jordan Suckley, Mark Sherry, Marlo, Indecent Noise, Alex Di Stefano, Jase Thirwall, Matt Bowdidge, Eddie Bitar, Lostly, Ace Ventura, Ritmo, Mandragora & Jacob.