- Colourful Noise


Colourful Noise is a project formed by the musicians João Grando and Leonam Nagel. Music is a great passion for both and they dedicate their lives to it. Leonam has a degree in music, he used to perform in rock bands as lead singer in a hardcore band and also keyboardist, drummer and guitarrist in other projects. Is currently a tenor in a classical music choral, music teacher and eletronic music producer. João is formed at Itajaí Popular Music Conservatory, also studied at the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná and made parts as percussionist for orchestras like UFPR and EMBAP orchestra. The duo presents in the live PA format and in 2014 their productions began to be released on Beatport by labels like Alaplay Records and Medrado Music. Colourful Noise is currently resident of Alataj in Santa Catarina. Explore new sonorities is the major brand for this project.