- Colors & Lambert


Growing up in Valencia – a city alive with vibrant colours and an insatiable appetite for noise – undoubtedly influences the character of its natives. Lamberto Merino is no exception, born in 1989, for as long as he can remember music has been ever-present in his life.Merino quickly came to the conclusion that he wanted this trend to continue. So, during his teenage years, he took courses in electronics and audio and he is currently doing an audio engineering degree in order to guarantee his own productions boast the best possible quality in terms of sound and invention.Following a few years of creating beats just for pleasure, 2017 saw the launch of Merino’s inaugural singles;Twisted Minds and Naked Soul for Share Records, under the pseudonym Colors & Lambert.Shortly after, the second EP -Astronaut in the jungle- was released by Tenampa records and quickly reached the best 11 positions in the charts.Merino’s philosophy is to create music that interweaves his own unique style with enchanting grooves, which includes his own vocals, and mesmerizing hues of colour and effervescence. Merino has cemented his place at the cutting edge of electronic music; his future is destined to be as bright and dazzling as the music he creates.