- Colin Balzli


Colin Balzli is a 26 year old electronic music producer based in Ireland. Born in Switzerland and raised in Asia, he moved to Ireland in 1994. He always had a keen interest in music, predominantly in indie rock and hip hop during his early teens. At the tender age of 16 he was introduced to the real electronic music scene via the legendary super club “South” in Tramore, Co. Waterford. The man donning the decks that night was Laurent Garnier. Garnier remains to be one of his greatest influences today.After an epiphany at Time Warp 2008 Colin decided to get involved in music production. 2 years later he took a leap of fate by committing himself to music production by starting a 4 year music technology course in LIT. He has hosted his own radio show, The Maestro Sessions alongside Austin Larkin on 99.9 Wired FM and has also released his debut EP on Music Taste Records in June 2011.2012 looks set to be a big year for Colin with several releases penned for the first half of the year and long list of requests for remixes & EP’s looks set to fill his remaining schedule.His production style focuses on dark humming basslines infused with harmonically rich melodies and soulful vocals. His main goal is always on achieving a sonically full sound while also getting across a very personal message through a series of well thought out chord progressions.