- Cole Odin


COLE ODIN (Ownership) was raised to the pulse of the twin hearts of the San Francisco Bay Area... a gritty underground DJ scene, and the blinding light of a rock and roll stage. A gigging and writing multi- instrumentalist of over 25 years, his music is inspired by arm hairs on end, uncontrollable smiles, and the concept of a song you can't take off repeat. Since compatible comparison is justifiably needed by some to draw them into something new, the sounds of COLE ODIN's music can be traced from a variety of influences into a new hybrid of moving music. Some (sonic) examples might be... THE VERVE, COBBLESTONE JAZZ, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, KAUF, AMEN DUNES, LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, BILL WITHERS, FLAMING LIPS, EDDIE C, TAME IMPALA, RUB 'N TUG, M83, HOLY FUCK, SPIRITUALIZED, TOOL, PSYCHEMAGIK, SINEAD O'CONNOR, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, SPOON, PRINCE, JANE'S ADDICTION, NITZER EBB, TODD TERJE, LORDE, FUCK BUTTONS, DJ HARVEY, FATHER JOHN MISTY, AND MANY, MANY MORE... As a DJ of nearly 20 years, his versatile style of moving through genre, tempo and mood is also reflected by looking at the selectors that influenced his desire to create the set as one long song- Thomas Bullock (and all the Wicked Crew), Solar, Eddie C, DJ Three, DJ Spun, Young Marco, Heidi Lawden, DJ Harvey, the DJs of LDP, and the too-long-to-list roster of local badassery the Bay Area is known for around the world.