- City Zen


CITY ZEN - Russian electronic music heroes. The project, thanks to their perseverance and hard work broke their way from the small Russian city SOCHI (host of the Winter Olympic Games 2014) to leaders of the Russian House scene. Anatoliy Shemuratov and Pavel Lesnevsky met each other in the fall of 2005 in a recording studio. After one year of working at top clubs of the southern regions and producing new sounds inbetween, they became known in both Russia and Ukraine.Ringtones of their tracks were heard in nearly every mobile phone in the former USSR. In the summer of 2006, the project signed a contract with a major Swiss company called SIRUPMUSIC. Less than a year later CITY ZEN appeared 16 times on vinyl releases with singles and remixed works. The first CD album sold thousands of copies in Russia and Ukraine. CITY ZEN was acclaimed - opening of the year in Russia. Russian number one dj Ivan Roudyk and many others regularly support new works of the project. Now they present to you the world premiere 1st album CITY ZEN - STORMER. It includes some already known works of the 2007 and absolutely new tracks that have never been heard before.