- Cinimin


You would never say there is an 8 year age gap between brothers Kyle Cassim and Austin Cassim when you see them on stage.For years Kyle Cassim has worked hard to grow his brand in South Africa as a Dj, and he always said " Once my baby brother finishes school we are going to do great things together."Well that time is now.Without giving any notice to the public, Kyle and Austin arrived at the renowned WONDERLAND festival in April 2015 each wearing a branded CINIMIN t shirt. They Announced themselves and wowed the crowd with their high energy performance including some of their own brand new originally produced songs. The two bring such a high level of energy to the stage, its hard not to rave with them for their entire set.They are set out not only to take over South Africa as an Electronic Duo, but more importantly to take the brand to international heights that no South African has seen before." We have something, something nobody else has, and we are ready to give to to the world." - CINIMIN