- Chube.Ka


born in the second half of 1986 a few kilometres from Padua, he was surrounded by music since his first steps at home when he began to touch and play a record player, browsing the vinyl records owned by his parents and listen to them when possible. It was a written destiny. When he was 14 his passion for djing exploded, and he began to play some records during his friend’s parties. He early grew in experience and began to play in many clubs of his town, next to prestigious names of the international scene as Phil Kieran, Jesse Rose, Fabrizio Maurizi, Par Grindvik and many more.More recent is his debut in music production, that starts with the collaboration with Kasbah Zoo and the label” Zoo Technique”. From that moment on he begins to appear in prestigious labels as Material, Intacto, Area Remote, Snatch!, Paul’s boutique and Stereo production.He succeded in playing in Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos’ playlist one of his most famous record/bootleg “1986”, throughout an entire summer season, this fact allows him to establish as a promise in the house music scene of the recent years, keeping overseas his name.His continuous desire of testing himself in music production brings him to became a sort of surprise each time his name appears on a record...it’s up to you to decide if this is a positive event...