- Christine Zadnikar


Born Kristina Zadnikar (August 6, 1987, Ljubljana, Slovenia) Christine started singing and dancing at an early age.As a child she was singing in school choirs and she competed in dance shows.She was accepted in Contemporary dance school in Ljubljana where she studied performance arts. During that time she had several performances in front of large audiences of Cankarjev Dom (Ljubljana), both singing and dancing.Kristina Zadnikar - Christine, first captured the public's eye as the lead vocalist of the respected slovenian pop group Leeloojamais. In 2007 they released an album titled 'Country Club Music'. With the release of the album, they were nominated for Slovenian national pop culture award 'Viktor' and later on for MTV Music Awards for the song ' Part of me', for which they made a video in both native Slovenian and English language.In 2008 they decided to go different ways and Christine started her own solo path.In 2010 she recorded a song with duo Rochus (feat. Christine) - Hypnostist. They ruled the MTV Dance charts staying on for ten weeks.In 2013 she recorded a song with duo WD2N (feat. Christine ) - Take My Breath. ( King Street Sounds )Meanwhile, she is in the studio (aBox) working on and finishing her first solo album named 'Christine Is My Name' - which will hold 12 of her original songs.