- Christian DRUXS


Christian DRUXS followed the Techno movement from the early beginnings and his exciting story can simply be described as TECHNO. Starting long ago with listening and dancing to Techno music, he soon discovered that – in a special way – it was his life.But nevertheless, Christian DRUXS felt that he missed something in this music influenced by the sounds emanating from Chicago, London, Berlin, and the American Midwest.As Ibiza/Spain is a melting pot of the elements of Techno, Christian DRUXS has decided, after years living there as a guest, to make this island his homebase.From writing his novels to living and breathing his unique Techno flavor into TB 303, TR-8 and Ableton, his own productions and live-sets have taken him recently to far off locales hungry for this particular sound, combining classic Techno elements with modern styles.