- Christian Del Rosario


Christian Del Rosario, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. His style is very personal, full of groove, melodies and minimalist touches. Chris started to edit under the nickname of Chrisloop for music labels like DeepTrip Records, Peanut Musik, Wavecollective Records, Tunnel Series and Side B Underground. After some time maturing his sound he decided to start working as Christian del Rosario, editing with music labels like Gam Recordings, Deepmentality Records, Reisei, AK Tek, MidCircle e Inusual Series,The last one, has founded by himself with the idea to edit his favourite music and bet on new talent artists with powerfull grooves. This young artist has been backed up by artist like Richie Hawtin, Daniel Sanchez, Kolombo, Luciano, Phonique, Umek, Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas, Javi Bora ,Amo & Navas , Emmanuele , Nick & Danny Chatelain , David Herrero .... And many more.