- Chris Radium


Experimenting with electronic sounds since the young age of 14, Chris always had a passion for electronic music. He started with techno but was greatly influenced by Breakbeat & Hip Hop. He infact also produced experimental instrumentals for a few local Hip Hop crews in Malta. Chris was also the person behind the live act “Septic Youths” (Jan 2004) which consisted of a rather innovative setup in Malta (Chris playing live loops & Mashups with Ableton’s LIVE, making him one of the first few in Malta using Ableton’s LIVE at that time), Auxin (SFX and Drum machines) & Daniel Jose.. (On the Decks). Due to personal commitments Septic Youths had to stop in Feb 2006. Chris spent 2 years in his studio working on his style and playing skills. His music evolved over the years into the present more intriguing Big Beat, Electro & Drum and Bass sounds. Chris was later asked toremix Brazilian Top DJ Marcello K2 (aka BKR) for his Stallone EP which was released on March 2008 on Ade Fenton’s techno label Advanced Records (BKR-Stallone ADV040), which featured remixes from top world producer WJ Henze & Elektrabel. The commencement of an electro project called “SUZIGUNN” with the same Marcelo K2 followed. Chris also co-produced & remixed for the track “Legoelectro” which was then released on the first Brazilian Breakbeat Label “Anarchy In The Funk”. As for his DJ sets & Live Pas you can always hear a great element of mashups and bootlegs with uplifting tracks along the set. Chris Radium’s blend of different music genres gives out original sounds. No matter what style he is producing you can always hear mind twisting soundscapes & twisted riffs in his productions.