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Chris Lawyer's success story is like a real Hollywood screenplay.Everything started at the beginning of 2007 with the Chris Lawyer & T homy project. Since then the young DJ and Producer has proved that you don't have to go to the United States to fulfill the "American Dream". His first track "We Gonna Feel It" became such a success that it made him famous all over Europe. The song landed on top of the radio charts across Europe (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Hungary), became a huge success on 2007’s Miami WMC, and was played by such big names like 'The S- Man' Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclair or David Vendetta. Although it was his first release it reached Beatport Top 100 House Chart. So did his next hit "Shine On Me" and took position 18 on the chart list."We Gonna Feel It" is still successful. 2008 Consoul Trainin’s Vocal Remix rocked the European dance floors. 2009 Pornostar Records launched a Remix Contest for the song, more than 150 (!) remixes arrived and the winners have been released on all digital stores.In 2011 the label released 'DjM’s 2011 Remix' of the song "We Gonna Feel It" which became 19th on Traxsource House Chart and 36th on DJ Tunes Overall Charts. Chris became one of the youngest Hungarian DJs and he has to travel so much abroad that he seems to live on airports. From Ibiza to Mykonos everyone plays his tracks. If he has an appearance somewhere he is sure to be recalled in a few months! This is no wonder, as he plays such a heartwarming and hot house music at the parties just like his own tracks.2010 Chris Lawyer started his solo career and decided to set sail for new waters. With Ton Def he made his first minimal track, which hit position #36 on Beatport’s Top 100 Minimal Chart, got No. 1 on DJ Tunes Tech-house Chart and gathered the attention of the minimal scene.2011 he made a remix of Bricklake’s track called "Reaktor" and took the 70th position on Beatport Minimal Chart with it. In the same year Chris released his first producer album 'Plum'. The fresh style of the young DJ made it's point. The album is supported by Ahmet Sendil, DJ Tarkan, Andrea Roma, Louie Cut, Min&Mal, Spartaque, Daniele Petronelli and so much more, who play the tracks within their appearances and radio shows. "Right On Time" is the most popular song from the album and has over 7 million YouTube downloads. It also reached position #7 on DJ Tunes Top 100 Minimal Chart, #44 on Beatport Top 100 Minimal Chart and it became No. 1. hit on Hungary’s club charts. Hungary is having "Tek Tek Tek" fever. Everyone knows the single "Right On Time" and it's the crowd’s favorite. Wherever it is played the crowd’s applause is for sure.A year later, 2012 the remix EP of "Right On Time" had been released in which the biggest names of the scene took part: Louie Cut, Min&Mal and Daniele Petronelli. All of the remixes reached the Beatport Minimal Chart Top 100, and Louie Cut Remix even got No. 1. track for a month. The hit landed also between the overall Top 100 sellers and after this it had been awarded for best minimal track in 2012. You even could hear "Right On Time" in the sets of Richie Hawtin, Ahmet Sendil, UMEK, Hardwell and Tocadisco.Chris’ next megahit "Do The Lawyer (Mezara)" made it clear that he is not a one-hit wonder. In the video of the song elements of different cultures appear, and so he drops out his second clip. In no time the song became the favorite of house-fans, so it is no wonder that the song also hit the Beatport Minimal Chart and reached position #17.On 2012’s Ballantines Music Awards (Hungary) Chris had been awarded for "The Newcomer of the year" also by the professional jury and the audience.In his latest clip "Sirens Call" which he made in corporation with Bricklake from Hungary and Rico Caruso from New Jersey we can also get to know the artistic side of Chris.2013 Chris has been nominated for the awards "Best New Artist" at VIVA Comet 2013 (Hungary) and "Electronic production of the year" at Fonogram (Hungary).Chris is working with such big names like Ahmet Sendil, Louie Cut, Andrea Roma, JDG and the Fakmetal Boss is not only in Hungary popular and successful. From Russia to Brazil wherever he appears the places are full of people. This guy never stops working and just keeps the magic going all the time. Keep looking around this young bastard because he is about to rock the dance floors...


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