- Chris Dannenberg


Chris Dannenberg was born on the 27. May 1983 as a son of an independent automobile mechanic in Mönchengladbach. Shortly after, his family moved in the nice Westerwald where he grew up, and even lives today. He got the first musical knowledge provided at the age of 8 from his uncle. He also taught him playing the drums and the necessary interest for the Studio recording. Then at the age of 10 years he discovered his attachment to electronic music and from this time he couldn´t get enough of it. So at the age of 17 he collected his first mix and production experiences and till this day he has gone on in this direction. After the end of his school education he became full of age and visited regularly Techno clubs / Scene events, but something was always missing for him... with this it became clear how his music should sound later. The qualified construction mechanics (metal skilled worker, IHK) puts still on his music in the Limburger space on private parties and in clubs. Topical DJ sets of him from the area Minimal- techno / Electro- house are offered on the DJ - Sets Page for download. Chris Dannenberg has founded his own label called „Unnatural Beats“ in 2009.