- Chi Thanh


CHI THANH is a German-Asian multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar, drums, bass, sax and more), music producer & DJ based in Berlin. He got his real name Chi (means Energy) Thanh (means pure Sound) by his Vietnamese parents. He started with piano lessons at the age of 5 and added guitar when he was 10 and and kept adding more and more instruments that he found in the studio in the following years. THANH has lived and worked in cities like Vancouver, LA., London, NYC and has settled in Berlin now and you can pretty much put him into any recording studio with an artist and he will let his creativity flow and come up with a song....Thanh already released under different names & monikers, written, remixed and produced music for diverse artists such as: Madonna / Britney Spears, P.Diddy, Usher / Lil’Jon, Duran Duran, Arrested Development, Beenie Man and many more.. He was also nominated as a songwriter for a Grammy (song: “Lipstick“) with Desmond Child a few years ago.He recently did remixes for “big names“ of the scene like: Booka Shade, Etienne de Crecy, Gossip, Joey Negro and others. His remix of Bedouin Soundclash feat. Coeur de Pirate’s single “Brutal Hearts“ was released on Bitclap/Warner Music alongside remixes by Doctor Dru, Lexer & Peer Kusiv.For his first album project he steps out of his own and produces under his “real name“ CHI T HANH. He wrote, played, produced, programmed and mixed everything himself. His debut album entitled KISS THE SKY will be released on OFF Recordings.His debut E.P. “LET’S PLAY“ on the renowned Berlin label OFF Recordings features 3 songs that showcase 3 different sides of CHI THANH within the house spectrum.Thanh recently collaborated with OFF Recordings head honcho Andre Crom in a series of remixes for Jakatta (Zet Records) - Beatport DH Top#6 !!! and also on songs by HIM_SELF_HER (Crosstown Rebels UK) and MOYA (Hedonism UK) which were all in the BP top40.For his worldwide audience CHI T HANH loves to create „Magic Moments“. During his performance and dynamic DJ/Live-Set Show he is adding various loops and vocal edits to his set while always keeping the crowd entertained and “in rhythm“ since he also does live percussions on his pads.


Deep House Top 100
Drewxhill, Krono, Compact Grey, Sannie, Planet of Sound, Cider Sky, Thallie Ann Seenyen, Felix Jaehn, Groove Armada, Kevin Knapp, Brodanse, Boy Kiss Girl, John Monkman, Morgan Mackintosh, Calvo, Arc, Pretty Pink, Myth, Harold van Lennep, Goodluck, De Hofnar, Low Steppa, Ane Brun, NuDisorder, Stag, Robosonic, Y.V.E. 48, Fabrikate, Pete Oak, Notize, M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K., Marlon Hoffstadt, HRRSN, Mulay, Lonely Boy, Magic Eye, Mandal & Forbes, Dani Clay, Karol XVII & MB Valence, Androma, Mutiny UK, Steve Mac, Beth Cannon, Malachi, The Scumfrog, Lou Van, Djuma Soundsystem, Michael Whitehead, SMN, Amtrac, Stefan Z, Rough Traders, Tristan Henry, Three Drives On A Vinyl, Addal, Lisa May, Karen Overton, Boy Tedson, Sebastien, Markus Homm, BcX, Boehm, DVNNI, Andrea Fissore, Aaron Scott, Kimono, Luis Leon, Michael Woods, Greg Stainer, Paul Hardcastle JR, Brit Chick, Lauhaus, Rik Woldring, Pien Feith, Fish From Japan, Rita, Twax, Solomina, Tapetenwechsel, Andrey Exx, Hot Hotels, Nightstylers, Dan Brown, Florian Kruse, Chi Thanh, Amba Shepherd, Fake Forward, Anthelix, Shaparder, LRX, Marie Beeckman, Raphaella, Miura Keys, Luxx, Rachel MW, Deepend, Phable, Boss Axis, Andrea Roma, Leusin, Long & Harris, Rain City Riot, Prosper Rek, Matt Lange, Simone Scaramuzzi, Jonas Saalbach, Cari Golden, Ghostlike, Aki Redbird, Luc Angenehm, Burrell Brothers, Mimram, Cherie Lee, Timo Voorn, Josh Gabriel, Winter Kills, 95 North, Stel, Dave Seaman, Francis Preve, Vincent Leijen, Royal Ruv, Gporn, Kalisha, Eddie Williams, Kris Davis, XYPO, Rashid Ajami, Princess Di, Mauricio Lage, Toucan, Ellie Ka, Need & Necessity, That John Arnold, Lekesch & Schekel, Emdeka, AIMES, Mark Junior, Devarra, Bobby Love, Wanya Prize, Groove Armada, Lost Frequencies, Grant Nelson, Martin Roth, Mike Mago, Atapy, Florian Kruse, Olivier Weiter, Manik, Mario Aureo, Alex Madden, Andrew Galea, Daniel Dexter, Aidan Lavelle, Crom & Thanh, Fabian Schumann, Jonas Woehl, Oliver $, Lula Circus, Moodymanc, Lauhaus, Sqim Ghetto
ARVA | 2016-04-22