- Cesar Estrella


As a grassroot madrileño, attached to the fervent 90's clubculture lived in the Spain's capital, Cesar Estrella'smotivation was found deeply enough as to start his DJcareer and musical programmer.From there on, vinils coocked with deep bass lines,surround sounds covered by soft transient melodies andthe characteristic progressive house hypnotic timing werefeeding, little by little, hisBedrock, Yositoshi or Hooj Choons are some of the labelssticked more than once in his discography's backpack. Hismusical journey has been tested by different audiences,emphasising a long term period cubbing at London andCambridge.Everything has changed ever since, even music evolution.Thus, Estrella has been influenced by artist such as SCSI-9,Lawrence, Korablove, Lee Burton or Deniz Kurtel. A deepidentity, sculpted by his hypnotic evocative capacity, hasmade Cesar Estrella keeping on growing as a DJ and musicproducer.Preciesley is as a musical producer how he has releasedhis first EP, published by Beiakrecords, the highly reputedlabel based in London also by the prestigious london labeldiplomaticrecirdings has plublished works like his EPBaoshi.