- Cem


CEM [d͡ʒɛm] is a Berlin-based music producer and a dedicated family man. „Kissing in the name“ is his second official and worldwide digital release. Cem was born in Istanbul, Turkey. At the age of 15 he started singing and playing drums, guitar and bass. He got in fast with the fascinating music scene of the Turkish metropolis. Cem is completely self-taught and is a multi-instrumentalist. In 1997 he migrated to Berlin to study computer linguistics and media design. For many years he has played and toured with the multicultural band “Everkeen” and contributed rough vocal energy and sing- along tunes. Apart from writing and producing music, Cem is working at the Berlin Club SO36. This club has often been compared to New York’s CBGB. Cem lives and breathes the creative spirit of the club, which has always envisioned itself as a crossover between music, sub culture and visual art. Consequently Cem also produces his own music videos to generate a coherent artistic vision of political consciousness and honest music.