- Cem Arik


Having been brought up in Istanbul then relocating to the US, his choice and creation of music reflects his knowledge and respect for the best of both eastern and western cultures. Beyond being a coveted DJ he is also a multi-faceted instrumentalist. As a musician and producer he has worked with many artists of various genres, while as a producer he creates a special dynamic for every session, always knowing which musicians are a perfect match for which project. His understanding of what makes funk work is something he has mastered over time and is largely a product of his deep seated origins with that of his life’s journey along the way. He knows exactly how to blend bluesy undertones with deep bass rhythms without compromising the quality of the composition. In understanding what makes genres of music tick, Cem Arik brings a level of knowledge and dedication to his work that is second to none. As an artist, Cem Arik possesses all the qualities that distinguishes top talent.