- Ced.Rec


Ced.rec was born in 1985 in France.He is caught by the rave phenomenon in the early 2000s. Liver, his sets had the reputation of being eclectic, bringing his public to travel through different moods. Gradually his style softened and now tends to play more minimal and dark techno music.Ced.rec is also dj, producer and remixer.When he arrived in Dijon in 2005, he has the opportunity to play in many events (in bars, clubs, festivals... ) in his region and surroundings with several artists such as Suburbass, 69 db, crystal distortion , The driver Aka Manu le malin ...Lately he has spent a little more time for production and remixes.His first Ep,Final Level ranked 25th in the top 100hard techno/hardcore charts on beatport. He was able to work with labels such as Dark Smile Records, Electrovino Records , Dcd Family records , Insane Room Records, Teksession records ,Turning wheel records, Mikromal, Sound Lab, ...