- Carolina Arroba


Carolina Arroba (born August 13, 1981 in Quito, Ecuador) has been playing the piano since the age of six and still uses the keyboard to compose her music. She studied sound technology at the Institute of Visual Arts of Quito (IAVQ). Presently, she studies under the tutelage of two master composers, Luis Rodríguez and Pedro Barreiro. Since the age of 22, Arroba has been creating experimental ethnic-electronic music, discovering new Ecuadorian rhythms. She has become familiar with the compositions of ethnic music, especially the work of Ecuadorian anthropologist and musician Juan Carlos Franco. Arroba’s first demo is inspired by a range of musical instruments (and also by the quichua language, spoken by many indigenous communities in Ecuador) such as: ocarina, quena, and traditional instruments that recreate the sound of rain. Arroba’s present project under construction, Munacord Records, takes as its point of departure the idea of creating a record that would bring together musicians of various styles who could synthesize the relationship that exists between distinct genres of music. Genres such as ethnic music, electronic music with postmodern influences that could combine the wisdom of millennium ancestry, fusion sounds that evoke the Ecuadorian Amazon and the iconic transcultural language based on our belief system of “Pachamama” or Mother Earth, which unifies human beings with nature in a profound way. Carolina Arroba has been in an open-ended search of complementary musicians to collaborate on her first disc. She has had creative encounters with musicians such as Manuel Guandinango, an Andean folklorist musician from Ibarra, Alejandro Pineda, a musician from Quito characterized by his Afro-Ecuadorian influences, and Sara Tomaselli, a singer from Quito committed to an “ethnic style.” The project has formed within the realm of ethnic music. It fuses the diverse cultural roots of Ecuador with electronic music as a unique encounter between the past and present. The project’s musical influences are the following: Philip Glass, Klaus Schulze, Pink Floyd, Zero 7, Alborada, Mike Oldfield, Miki González, Mesías Maiguashca, and Sacred Spirit. Sacred Spirit is a pioneer in the experimental electronic genre, and with their contribution, they continue to forge new paths for projects like Munacord Records. Munacord Records is opening itself up to the international music scene to share its unique sound and multicultural influences. It has been broadcasted on the radio on the following channels: JC The Witch, Hot 106 Fire, Public Quito Radio (RPQ), online radio, codigoradio.com, based in New York and Jango Airplay with songs such as “Aho” and “Woosh”. At the moment, this project wishes to participate in the genre of world, ethnic, and fusion music. As such, we have named our first disc, currently being recorded, Munacord Records. In quichua, the word “muna” means love, and in Latin, heart. We use this word to capture the significance of the multicultural and ethnic roots of our music.