- Carlos Magno


Musician and pianist, Carlos Magno begins his career as dj and producer early 2000, when Techno-Projects Spain, add Carlos Magno to their roster, playing along all Spanish territory in clubs and festivals. One of the most excitings giggs in those years was LOGAM FESTIVALin Caceres in 2006 with greatest names of Techno scene like Surgeon and Mark Broom.Today, with more than 10 years as experienced producer, Carlos Magno has more than 50 releases in several labels like (Unclosed Records,Liquitech records,Sensi sound records,De-fine music...) and some others projects with producers like (Alexis Cabrera, Alvaro Smart,Bruno Otranto,Cristiano Italodisko,Serious Beat,Alberto Herrasti,Pablo Zamorano,Jorge Delgado"lokito"...).