- Carlos Clara


Born in Strasbourg (France) in January 1977 and with over 20 years of professional experience, I will not turn on my speaking on past and to demonstrate my years in this business, much less I say that from small to very early age I have been in contact with the music and stuff. I personally and as an artist I have enough travel but very discreetly.Speak of the present and the future ... Currently as a producer of electronic music I'm at a stage of evolution and rediscovering myself, taking music that really amuses me, playing with the potential to offer me the tools we have to search for music that is interesting, that leads to somewhere and have a minimum qualit y t o be heard in any place and time ... thinking of course to give the dancing and deejay mat erial wort hy of being played in your session. Coordinated and managed the brand Deejay Tracks. Project that is shaped like digital record label by and for the Deejay and publishing its catalog in most digital stores prioritizing BEATPORT.Deejay As I passed through many rooms in the Madrid scene, but honestly I have not played with people from the front line (so we're going to cheat) not meaning it does not know how is my business, you need a room at the level of musicianship and you have to apply psychology to seduce your environment. Many years 8 hours clicking resident in places like Dalay, La Notte, The Doubloon, Copernicus Hall, Pickup, Room Cheyenne, Dolche Madrid. Queen's, Ricorda, Warhol's, Bluefields, La Chata Royal Rosales or balcony. Some related sites, some not so much and others that no longer exist. What if it is true that I have ever been, have defended the cabin and no one I can blame that customers are bored, or the room has been empty because of me. That said if you want to know more about me, I invite you to visit my site www.carlosclaradj.com