- Cardace & Perazzini


Cardace & Perazzini is an union born in 2007 from two friends that they want to combine their ideas to offer something innovative and at the same time professional. already contributors and founders of a punkrock band in from 2003 till 2007 they jump in the worll of the electronic music, and from here a new love was born for the two musicians. they have been all around the european community under the name Cardo & Elia where they have distinguished in the minimal techno market. Since 2009 they play under the name of Danilo Cardace & Elia Perazzini where sign few collaborations with different artists such mihai popoviciu, daniel sanchez, yapacc, david labej, el mundo & satori, hector couto and many others. in 2012 they found their own independent label WOZ records proposing the timbre of their own sound looking for new talent and awesome people who love and share their desire of music and experiment new sounds, dimensions and colors but always trying to make people dance and make love on the dancefloor.