- Carbon Airways


The History of rock is full of accidents, great destinies, anecdotes and triumphs.When it comes to Engus and Eleonore Fernese, we can say it’s been a dream journey, a great trip and already quite a long career (3 years) within a musical sphere which was not prepared for them.This is Carbon Airways.And there are a thousand reasons to get excited about it.In the beginning, there was a brother and a sister. He is a violinist, she is a cellist.There was one computer. Two separate bedrooms. Engus tinkers with sounds while his sister drafts her first lyrics. It could have stopped there, but both decide to create a group based on their common passion for Ministry and Prodigy at an age where brothers and sisters usually fuss and fight. They call it Carbon Airways.Engus: “Carbon is an original component behind everything that is alive on the planet.The airways mean to us the feeling of escape we get from our musical experimenting.” A first EP is launched early in 2011 and then everything speeds up.The first concerts receive great support all over France, playing their first live show in the major French festivals such as “Off de Bourges”, the big stage of “Les Transmusicales de Rennes” at Hall 9 in total excitement.T he media talked a lot about their young age, a police commissioner tried to forbid them to perform, they have a stopover in Miami for one of the biggest electro festivals worldwide (Ultra Music Festival) where Interscope spotted them, Polydor signs them, they get radios interviews, a double- page in Libération (big French daily newspaper) right after les Eurockéennes (French music festival), it adds up to many envious people and many eyes on this unclassifiable duet. This is the mash up summary of the 3 past years.They are now 16 and 17 years old and releasing their second EP. Tony Truand (Award for Skrillex, Foreign Beggars...) directed the video “Black Sun” and Dave Sardy (Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine...) mixed their last EP.There are not enough adjectives to describe their “Black Sun” EP: violent, dark, danceable, maniac, rhythmic, intense, melodious, fascinating, jammed... Engus: “we chose to gather together those 3 tracks because they represent our universe”. The titles speak about precise subjects.Eleonore: “Black Sun is about fanaticism, about people whose despair gets manipulated and who are brainwashed. It’s the story of someone who does not want his rage to be exploited. What interests me is to describe key moments, these moments when a person needs to make a decisive choice. Inspiration comes from movies scenes or TV. I see my texts as pieces of a puzzle, leaving a part of mystery.” Artistically, Carbon Airways have an insolent maturity just like their songs.The History of rock is full of great sagas and the Carbon Airways story is one of them. There was a very first EP and some interest from a few curious ones, 3 years later, one big step ahead has been made and respect has been earned. What happens now ? They still have the same craziness on stage, the same need, the same curiosity. But in a much more intense way because this is the most appropriate word to describe Carbon Airways. Intensity.Their first album will be released during spring 2014 and a big tour abroad id being planned.