Key Commands
 - Captain Panic!


Dimensional Domination, Space Plague, Holographic Universe, The Invasion, The Monolith, Contact, Collision now you must be very much aware of the deeply prophetic, encoded messages being beamed from the Captain Panic mother- ship! Futurist Electronica, Captain Panic's roots are clear and shine through precise production, layered sound design, and signature cinematic soundscapes that travel well beyond the EDM boundaries, deep into the realms of Sci-Fi, gaming, big screen galactic action sequences, and heart touching moments of deep, cosmic reflection. (for real now...that goes without saying ;) You can't categorize the unclassified scope of the C.P. dynamic, there are no boundaries here, it doesn't conform to the industry rules or trends. The Captain Panic point of view is as unique as they come, a star shining bright on the outskirts of the galaxy we've all grown so used to....but on the edge of a whole new galaxy we may have not even discovered yet, W.T.F.! Open your mind to the journey, no limits or questions, just answers. This is next level electronic music, let it become the soundtrack of your own imagination and you'll see even further.