- Captain Fabulous


Jared Ruiz, who DJ's & produces under the name Captain Fabulous is a 22 year old artist located on the central coast of California. After being shown the film "Groove" at a young age and hearing the track "Heaven Scent" by Bedrock in the closing scene he purchased a half off copy of FL Studio and set to work trying to create something that made him feel the way he felt listening to the track. 7 years and many failures later he succeeded, albeit in a much different genre than he intended. As his tastes changed so did the music he created, finally settling in a blend of Bass House & Progressive House. His latest track "Cotilion" can be attributed to influences from artists like Dr. Fresch, Ephwurd & Justin Martin. As he creates more quality music and performances he hopes to make this his full time career, in the meantime he'll keep slinging pizzas and pouring drinks.