- Capsoo


Casper Rijnsdorp – artist name “capsoo” Born in 1993, Casper has always had a passion for music. At the age of 6, he started playing the drums. He also had an interest in electronic music. Whenever the word “DJ” came in the conversation, he couldn’t stop about it, even at young age. Soon, it seemed that playing the drums was not sufficient for capsoo’s musical creativity. He wanted to make more beats, and more sounds. And so, at the age of 12, he downloaded FL Studio on his computer, and started making simple beats. It started with hardstyle and harddance, which was the trend during 2006/2007, but later it became progressive house and tech house. A couple of years went by, but nothing serious came to mind. The dream of becoming a DJ was still in Casper’s mind. Since 2010, at the age of 16, Casper decided to start with his lifelong dream: Becoming a DJ and producer. So, he started putting his beats on Soundcloud, and he started gathering money to buy his first mixer. After buying an Allen & Heath mixer, soon his room filled up with all kinds of studio equipment; headphones, drumpads, speakers etc. But, still being in school, he needs to find time to make his tracks. Especially during the evenings he locks himself up in his room, and becomes a creative producer. Over the last year, his Soundcloud tracks vary in genre, from dubstep to techno, and also some progressive. But, the focus seems to be on tech house and techno. His first techno track will be released soon, with hopefully many more to come. Thanks to Soraya Records, maybe Casper’s dream of becoming a producer and DJ, will finally come true. ☺