- Cales & Mr Hyde


Every dance floor in the world that has been on his command, has inevitably been marked by his unique and intense performances. Every time Cales & Mr. Hyde (Dj, Producer, Remixer, Entrepreneur and Music Business Advisor) is on stage, he takes the crowd through different states of consciousness, that create an unstoppable need to move, that leads to the climax and to the union of the souls through the music.Cales & Mr. Hyde defines himself, as one human being composed of two music entities. In his work domains the house music nature, its fresh, melodic and bright spirit, driven and rhythmically influenced by the energy of the deep and tech sounds.Cales & Mr Hyde on the Web: http://facebook.com/calesandmrhyde http://instagram.com/calesandmrhyde http://soundcloud.com/calesandmrhyde http://mixcloud.com/calesandmrhyde http://twitter.com/calesandmrhyde http://youtube.com/mrhydedj