- C.A.B.L.E.


Daily we receive new information, new trends and it’s up to us to decide if we follow motivated by the masses or use it for your created intention. That’s what highlights you from a world of followers. You have to keep your mind open to new things in life, but you also have to know what’s to be followed and what’s to be created and evolved from it. It’s what you do that defines your purpose. And a purpose it’s what makes your life.C.A.B.L.E. is the great talent with a purpose in life that a number of renowned Drum’n’Bass labels have picked up straight from the streets of Brazil. Involved with music for the past 14 years, he brings the combinations of heavy bass lines and big drums and moody melodies resulting in his own very created unique sound.This multi-talented musician has produced great tracks for some of the biggest labels in the scene, marking territory as the first Brazilian producer to sign with Renegade Hardware, 31 Records, Creative Source and BC Presents, besides the releases on Timeless, CIA, Advanced and Innerground, with support from artists like Fabio, Grooverider, Marky, Digital, Pendulum, Bad Company, Bailey, Bryan Gee, Total Science, Moving Fusion and Randall to name but a few. A few of those releases deserves a special highlight, such as the dancefloor smasher remix for Total Sciences Rated X and the big hit New Infection which caused a huge wave on dancefloors and radios around the globe.