- Bu Go


bu go (real name: Bucur Gheorghe) is a Romanian based Dj & Producer. Passion and determination are responsable for a quick rise of the young artist: after moving to Bucharest, in very short time, bu go becomes the resident of the local techno hot spots, sharing the booths with leading icons such as Julian Jeweil, Sam Paganini, Mind Against, Matador, Reinier Zonneveld, Sasha Carassi, Enrico Sangiuliano, Luigi Madonna, Marc Houle and many more. The Romanian artist has played his music in big venues, such as Kristal Club, World Trade Center and The Press House, to name a few.Adding new hours of studio work, 'bu go' is prepared to share his sounds with the world and his music is set to take you on a journey so keep a close eye on this guy!https://www.facebook.com/bugoromania/ https://www.instagram.com/bugodj/ https://twitter.com/bugoromania https://www.mixcloud.com/bugodj/ https://soundcloud.com/bu_go