- Bruno Otranto


Cocidos madrileños, Fish & Chips & Currywurst has raised and fed an artist, who has already traveled many miles and who impregnates himself musically wherever he goes.Bruno Otranto did his doctorate in “Dance-floor psychology”. He perfectly combines sensitivity without reaching the “cheesy sound” with a depth, which goes deeper whenever you enter his sound zone. Just as he was a mother that tells you a story to sweet dreams, Otranto converts his set into a fledged story, in which progression and musical coherence are mixed in equal doses for the audience to enjoy.It is tangible music fused together with elegance that allows you to enter unknown dimensions, where the only valid law is dance till you drop. You will feel reality in its purest form, as you imagine standing in front of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It's something you wouldn't expect...So, if you like surprises and love dancing and enjoying a set that is "not suitable for all kind of audience" then there is nothing else to say.