- Bruno May


Born in Guatemala in the 80's, a lover of life. Launched his career as a musician in 2012 and has been producing events focused on his major musical influences, house and techno. As promoter he is founder of the promoting company Luxury Grooves and together with a group of visionary friends lunched a club focused entirely on electronic music, where there are weekly two residences with local and international DJs.As a producer he recently released along with fellow musicians in Mexico and Los Angeles, California; Mudita Records, a label that is focused on sharing music of the highest quality and promoting the talent of the region and also friends and producers in the music industry.His sets are loaded with emotions and Groove. The main objective is to get the listeners to experience a wide spectrum of their emotions as they enter into that kind of collective trance that we like so much. As he himself says "I believe that music is a very powerful tool and if used properly can have such a profound impact on a person's life that it will never be the same."